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Wavelength Web Design is an interactive agency offering innovative web design solutions which provides proven results. My approach to the development of digital experiences gets you a return on your investment.Click the images to view how in the space of 3 months I produced:
⦿ 79% Increase in sales
⦿ 82% increase in items sold
⦿ 148% increase in customer numbers
⦿ Over 13,000% increase in social media referrals!
⦿ 177% increase in organic traffic

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If you want to double your online sales, customers and orders, keep reading. I'm about to explain how I brought a client through the process and did exactly that along the way.Over the space of 3 months my client saw a:
⦿ 79% increase in sales,
⦿ 90% increase in orders
⦿ 82% increase in items sold
⦿ 148% increase in new customers
⦿ And an 88% increase in average net daily sales
All of this was done through a well researched
advertising & digital marketing campaign

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With Google Ads, you can avoid wasting ad spend on people that have no interest in what you're offering.
You can target the exact customer profile that fits your business needs,
while only paying when someone clicks the ad.
That means you can show your ad to thousands of people but only get charged when they take action and visit your website.
In image 1, check out what €222 did for one client in just 3 weeks.Image 2 & 3 show the growth experienced by another client in just one month.

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Websites of all shapes & sizes.
Whether you're starting out and applying for the BTWEA;
An established business applying for the Trading Online Voucher;
Or a private company looking to sky rocket sales,
I've done it all before and will be happy to help you do the same.

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